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ongoing support and maintenance

A point of pride at ERA Software Systems is close support relationship we enjoy with our clients. We truly view our users as partners and we are ready and eager to provide assistance whenever it’s called for. ERA Software Systems support personnel are can be reached from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM ET by phone or e-mail or 24/7 via our web based service order system. Through our service order system we rigorously monitor support response times and call resolution times to ensure the highest possible utility of the SmartGrant system.

The support and maintenance program includes the following:

  • Help Desk (Hot Line) support – A support representative is available to take your call. You can call in when time is of the essence for
       a more immediate response.

  • On-line support – Our service request system is available 24/7 on the web, and notifies a support representative when requestsfor
       service are made. ERA Software Systems can create ongoing service dialogs with the submitting party keeping all information and  
       correspondence together through the call resolution.
  • System consultation – We are available to help you with a number of tangential issues such as report writing, query writing, system
       interface issues, etc. The overarching goal is that SmartGrant become a contributing element in your overall IT structure.

  • Product enhancements and updates – ERA Software Systems is constantly developing the SmartGrant suite and every user benefits
       from this aggressive ongoing R&D effort as part of the support and maintenance program. We deliver enhanced versions of the
       products frequently. This is important because it means the software is keeping up with changes in technology and the electronic
       research administration industry which protects your institution’s investment in technology. 

Custom programming

Customizing Smartgrant for a perfect fit

Out of the box, SmartGrant will likely have 95% of what anyone needs to run a successful sponsored projects office. However, ERA-SS recognizes the need to account for that last 5%. ERA-SS has a proven process for creating programming specs, delivering incremental builds and testing of new software. We also use a methodology that allows us to do customizations with out affecting future software update releases.

TRaining & implementation

Getting your smartgrant system from 0 to 60

The importance of getting off to a good start cannot be overstated. Complex projects, such as introducing a new software system, require dedication and constancy from all parties. We will assign a project manager to your account, who becomes your “go to” person, and principal liaison throughout the process. Together we will develop an implementation plan that considers the software elements selected, your human resources availability and the time frame in which you hope to complete the project. ERA Software Systems will be with you every step of the way, so that you can leverage our considerable expertise in implementing your new Electronic Research Administration software. We will do everything humanly possible to make sure this implementation is a success for you.

Data Conversions

Migrating legacy data to smartgrant for a seamless implementation

ERA-SS is expert at converting data from disparate data sources into one cohesive SmartGrant database. All data loads are carefully analyzed and quoted. A conversion review meeting is held to make sure we agree on the placement of data, so the conversion process is highly collaborative. Our staff is expert at data scrubbing techniques, so it's a great opportunity to rid your database of "junk" data.