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Integrate with other institutional systems

The need to exchange information with other systems is anticipated. SmartGrant has the ability to bi-directionally integrate with other systems such as Financial Accounting, HRIS, Payroll, and others. While we are typically sending award budgets to the Financial accounting system, it's important to note that SmartGrant doesn't actually ever write transactions. It simply sends budget information so the Financial Accounting system will know which journal entries affect SmartGrant awards so those journals can update SmartGrant.


Choose the Level that best fits your organization

SmartGrant is offered under a number of different deployment plans, leveling the playing field for emerging research institutions. Now everyone has access to the high level tools necessary to compete successfully for grant awards. This is another opportunity for you to control costs and implementation time commitments as the software implementation will align itself with your budget and manpower resources. Best of all, SmartGrant will grow with you as your organization experiences success, meaning SmartGrant will be the last grants management system you're office will ever have to implement.

Cloud based

Software as a service (saas) software on the web

SmartGrant is a web based application. It is hosted on ERA Software Systems' servers in our secure data center. SaaS software offers many advantages including low up front costs; available anywhere (that there's an internet connection), any time, no maintenance effort or costs,  free software upgrades, minimal reliance on institutional IT resources and more. It's perfect for multi-site institutions. SmartGrant will allow each campus to run as it's own entity yet still be part of the larger organization for collaboration, management, anlaytics and reporting.  Cloud computing relieves the worry from system operation and allows you to simply enjoy the benefits of the software. There is no downside.


Profile based workflow

SmartGrant software is designed around a collection of key profiles that will aid in the proposal preparation and award management functions. With carefully developed profiles, the lion's share of the data required to complete federal (and most state, local and foundation) proposals will automatically flow into sponsor forms, thus relieving  investigators and sponsored research administrators from this mundane task. It ensures that data is entered consistently and correctly, reducing the incidences of validation failure and unnecessary and aggravating error rejections. SmartGrant will get your proposal to the sponsor as quickly and with as little stress as possible.


Selectable functionality

SmartGrant's modular design allows your organization to select only pieces that will immediately benefit the operation. This offers a cost effective "step in" approach giving you control over implementation, training and licensing costs. While designed to operate as an integrated suite,  each module functions well standalone. For more information on the individual modules see the menu above.