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  • Central Information Manager
  • Simple 7 Steps to NIH Modular Grant e-submission
  • Stored Sponsor Electronic & Paper Forms
  • Stored F&A (Indirect) Rates
  • Proposal Forms Auto-Fill
  • Effort Commitment Review (approval process)
  • Stored Sponsor/Program Cost Rules
  • Link to HR system for Salaries/Fringes
  • Smart Budget Builder
  • Communications Module
  • Centralized Document Management and Storage
  • Proposal To Do Lists


proposal development module

The Pre-Award module  combines detailed profile information with PI provided research content (proposal budgets, bio-sketches, abstracts, research plans, subcontractor budgets, etc.) to create a submission ready proposal in a few easy steps. SmartGrant has all of the formsets from the 26 federal sponsors built in as well as generic formsets for state, corporate or foundation sponsors. Additionally, formsets can be created on the fly to accomodate the requirements of these sponsors. It can handle continuation, umbrella project, supplemental or revision proposals and can even clone existing proposals.

The Pre-Award module works seamlessly with the Routing and FastGrant (S2S) modules for a complete and robust proposal development and submission process.

SmartGrant Pre-Award has been designed for more than one structural deployment as it offers a specialized interfaces for PI's as well as Sponsored Projects staff so that investigators can create their own proposals with everything they need but with important limits on what they can access and accomplish. Ultimately, it's the SmartGrant security profile that determines who can put a proposal into routing, who can see sensitive information such as PI salaries and who can mark a proposal as "ready for submission".