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post-award key features

  • Internal and External Contact Directory
  • Deliverables Tracking and Notification
  • Terms and Conditions Summary
  • Compliance Status Checklist
  • Communications Module
  • Account Creation and Setup
  • Budget Modification and Approval
  • Award Revision and Approval
  • Award Block Grants
  • Equipment Tracking and Disposition
  • Cost-Share Management
  • Award History and Change Audits
  • Effort Reporting


Award Management module

SmartGrant’s award management module offers an ultra-sophisticated budget engine. The post award budget engine pulls the proposal budget and then allows for any necessary or desired adjustments. The budget engine is always aware of overhead limitations and the effect of moving funds from a line item that takes overhead to one that does not and vice versa. All budget changes are recorded and tracked with user name, date, time, data changed, etc., so everything is auditable. The post award module allows for an unlimited number of deliverables to be set up. Deliverables can be sponsor, institution, college, department, etc. required, and SmartGrant sets up multiple reminders for the responsible parties.

The Post-Award module works seamlessly with the Pre-Award module and your institutional financial accounting system for a complete and robust grant and contract management process. It offers a budget change approval process similar to Electronic Routing and is mindful of roles applied to users per the security profile.