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FastGrant Key features

  • Central Information Manager - collect a consistent set of data for all
    proposals developed by an organization.
  • Electronic Submission to – system to system submission to

  • Upload feature allowing easy entry of subaward organization budgets
            to forms.

  • Option to upload completed Adobe application packages
  • Proposal To Do Lists


s2s Submission module

FastGrant standalone is user-friendly proposal management software that can be used to develop and
submit system to system submissions to It’s simple, affordable and can be used together with
existing research administration systems at your organization. System to System submissions to
do not use Adobe forms. Information published by at
consistently shows that system to system submissions have a lower rejection rate than Adobe form submissions. FastGrant standalone can also be used to develop and manage non proposals to capture a consistent set of data for all proposals submitted by an organization. Within FastGrant, your organization’s proposal routing or approval form can be

made available and your site can route the proposal to the

appropriate institutional signers. FastGrant allows both

researchers and administrators to quickly generate reports

for all proposals.