advanced reporting KEY FEATURES

  • Advanced Report Designer
  • Graphical Data Representations
  • Column and Row Recognition
  • Full Mathematical Function
  • Insertable Graphics
  • Advanced Query Engine
  • Summary/Drill-down Views
  • Totals and Subtotals
  • Instant Export to Excel or PDF
  • Security Profile Aware
  • Private or Public Reports

Advanced reporting

ad hoc query and report creation module

No data driven system can be considered complete without a powerful ad hoc report writing tool. SmartGrant’s advanced reporting module offers a query driven report writer with graphing capabilities, data drill down, and more for absolute "no limit" reporting.

SmartGrant's Advanced Reporting module makes it possible
for each institution to create whatever reports are desired. Whether to satisfy a deliverable requirement, conduct a staff meeting, make a financial summary or simply review important information on a paper, Advanced reporting give you the tool to get the most benefit out of the wealth of accumulated data available in your SmartGrant system.

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